Why I Won’t Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday

This year Canada turns 150 and I don’t want to celebrate.

The one thing that irks me personally, is that the land we live on today was stolen from indigenous people, people who were living in peace before Europeans showed up and took over their land.
Throughout my life, I’ve indulged in educating myself about Native people and their culture. They represent peace, nurture and I love everything about the way they show respect to the earth we live on. I don’t believe in the Church due to spirituality beliefs. I think it’s something powerful, it benefits and nurtures the soul.

My background is mostly Irish, however, since I’m from Gaspé, Quebec (technically the “Birth Place” of Canada) I feel very connected to the history of Canada, especially since a few years ago, my aunt (fathers side) was looking into our family history and found out that we have ancestors who were Métis. Shortly after my aunts discovery, my mother also found out that she too had ancestors who were also Métis.

What I say next, might be taken out of context but the reason why I don’t want to support the last 150 years is because of the European descendants who stole from the natives who rightfully owned and took care of this land. The Europeans ruined what could’ve been a rich and peaceful history if they had followed the treaties that they originally made with the first nations.

Since the Europeans arrived here, the indigenous people have suffered. They experienced culture genocide like no other. The Europeans brought racism, hatred, bigotry and so much with them that it tainted this land. They (Europeans) felt they were entitled to everything they discovered, otherwise they wouldn’t have broken the treaty and agreements they made with the first nation. They took everything from them, they didn’t want to share the land and terrorized the indigenous people all over Canada.

From 1831-1996 (165 years) indigenous youth were taken from their homes and sent to a residential schools, given different names, erased the culture they once knew, taught them Christianity and so much more.

To this day indigenous people are still fighting to preserve something that was once theirs. They’re still recovering from the last 150+ years of suffering caused by Europeans and the consistent disappointment they face when dealing with the government . Both the government and the justice system are still failing to protect them. Even though many tribes still live on their reserves, they often lack essential necessities, not to mention all of the indigenous women who go missing each year and the lack of basic resources. Constantly getting disappointed by the Canadian justice system.
Also, I think it’s strange how the Canadian government will put money towards useless things like a giant counterfeit duck and throwing an expensive celebration for Canada, but they don’t put money towards helping and supporting the indigenous people.

I believe justice for the indigenous people is more important than anything. I want to live in a peaceful country where we all respect the original treaty that was made.
I’m sitting out for my ancestors and the indigenous people who’ve suffered for way too long.

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