The Week I Went Without Social Media : What I’ve Learned

I decided to delete social media for a week. I de-activated my facebook, deleted my snapchat and deleted whatever apps “triggered” my anxiety.

It was great but I felt very disconnected from the world- Crazy right?
Finally, I felt silence for once. I wasn’t really worried about anybody else and I just focused on myself. I had a few friends message me because they were worried that I was in-active. It felt nice to actually know people were missing what I was posting. However, it was the stress from trying to create content getting to me.

I figured, if I want my life to come together, I need to focus. Deleting social media helped me in so many ways. I felt that I wanted to listen to my friends speak instead of what everybody else was doing.

That week, I dealt with every life problem I had, head on.I was more productive not being distracted from notifications and facebook…

Prior to this decision, I noticed a lot of the time, I’d wake up before my alarm (woo-hoo) but instead of getting out of bed and starting my day, I would lay in bed for an hour watching videos on Facebook. This is obviously not productive at all.

The second I was able to disconnect, I was able to focus. The last week, I’ve spent a good amount of time alone with my thoughts and really banged out some ideas of where I need to go next.

I like to think I have it all figured out but I don’t. Now that I know my weaknesses, I can address them head on. Instead of avoiding my problems by going on facebook and scrolling for hours, I’ll have to avoid social media until it’s resolved.

The question I had previously –  Does social media cause stress/anxiety?
I know I found myself a little lonely at times without it. But when you have nothing going on in life besides paying bills and trying to find a job, Facebook is like a personal attack on our egos.

I eventually connected again, however, I decided to delete facebook off my phone and monitor my phone use.

Each day we are given 24 hours to do something. I hate thinking about how much i’m missing out because i’m too busy looking down at my phone.

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  1. Holly Hackett

    October 7, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    So true Christina about Facebook, Instagram and so on. It eats up your time especially Facebook and why? It is just to see what everyone else is doing or does it really better your life? It does nothing for me except see what the other person is up to. Not really productive at all. Smart girl to realise all of this for there are many who do not. Good luck and talk soon.

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