We Miss Out When We Don’t Look For The Right Opportunities

Today, I am grateful for everything i’ve done in my life, positive AND negative . I simply wouldn’t be sitting here writing this blog post right now if I didn’t have any struggle.
My journey to where I am right now was never easy. If anything it was a pain in the behind to get here.

In September, I quit my full time job to work for a store that was unregulated, not safe and was ended up being a very interesting experience…

However, saying that… Knowing what I know now, the right opportunities were right in front of me, and because I was too invested in the wrong things, especially when it came to finding employment.

It wasn’t until I realized I hit rock bottom and was too anxious thinking/panicking that I couldn’t financially afford living in Toronto anymore- I needed a change and a new plan.
I decided that I couldn’t deal with my depression or my anxiety and the stress that came with finding a job that suited me. I really needed help and one day while searching for a job I came across Y.E.S (Youth Employment Services).

Y.E.S was able to help me get back into routine and financially get back on my feet.
I was able to breathe again and I didn’t want to spend all day in my bed.
Y.E.S allowed me to work on my resume, cover letter, interview skills and search for a job at the same time, being paid per hour for my efforts in finding a job. Y.e.s was able to help me stay motivated and passionate when it came to finding a job that worked for me.

I look back and see all the opportunities I missed out on previously, but I realized that without Y.E.S I wouldn’t have the job I have today without them – Even if I did most of the work to find it and secure it. I wouldn’t have the valuable skills that I learnt while taking the Employment Services.

Sometimes, we need to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything ends up being just fine in time. The panic and stress we endure while waiting for the calm to be present isn’t worth it because when you finally get to the moment where you can breathe and look back, it doesn’t seem worth all the worrying.

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