The Worst Taxi Drive Ever

A few months ago, I was walking along Queen Street West alone, at 3 am in the morning. When I was walking passed Queen and Bay, a Beck cab driver pulled over.

He yelled out “Do you need a drive?”

At this point in my life, I was barely making enough to cover rent… I was broke and living off bus tokens… However, a little pity goes a long way.

I looked at him and said “I literally have nothing, i’m broke.”

He asked me where I was heading and I told him my location (Pretty damn, North).

A cab would usually cost $20.00-$30.00 from downtown to my place.
He told me to jump in.

I did not hesitate at all, I jumped in the back of his cab before he had time to reconsider driving me.

The drive was the most awkward and intimidating 20 minutes of my life. I was intoxicated but not too out of it… Luckily.

Looking back now, I was a little naive to think that a taxi driver would just willingly drive a girl home for free just to make sure she got home safe…

He started to drive and we had a normal conversation as one would with a cab driver. A few minutes into the drive, he asked me if I would like to sit up in the front seat. I politely said I was fine in the back.

About 5 minutes later, he decided to pull over and insisted that I join him in the front seat since “i’m not a paying customer”. I thought to myself, I’m in deep waters if I do but I wanted to get home and took a risk.

Luckily, I’m clever when it comes to getting out of sticky situations and I joined him in the front seat.

We were about 10 minutes away from my house and I didn’t want to stop talking because if I did I had a feeling he’d ask me to do something else with my mouth.

I rambled my ass off and talked about the most ridiculous things. I remember telling him about a wort on my foot that I had in grade 3 and how it ruined the appearance of my toes forever… Which turned out to be a great idea because it lasted pretty much the rest of the ride… I was trying so hard to come up with stories so I wouldn’t stop talking.

We were very close to my house, so I was quickly making sure all my things were together.
When I took a break from nonstop talking, he asked me for a kiss and touched the back of my neck as if I would go right in. I looked at him and said noo, I got a cold sore.

I told him to pull over because we were finally at my destination and of course he asked again for a kiss. I reminded him of the “cold sore” and if that didn’t make him hesitant, I decided to throw in a twist to why I wouldn’t kiss him even more – I informed him that my wife is inside and our two children are sleeping and I don’t feel like deceiving them quite yet. I got the hell out of the cab and ran into my house.

Since that incident, I’ve only used Uber.
Yes, Uber doesn’t have the greatest reputation, however, if any Uber driver tries something weird like that, at least you have all of their information in your phone (Car information and a picture of the driver) and you can report to uber right away.

Unfortunately, I never reported this incident to Beck since I never wrote down his information. But it was most definitely a learning lesson for myself.

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