The Lovers, The Fighters and The Plain Old Crazy

I’ve been blessed, truly blessed with the friends that stayed in my life. Even the bad ones.

The Lovers:
Sometimes, life hands you a handful of wonderful people that will make you feel so incredibly loved. I’ve seen blessed to have the most outstanding support system in the world – My family, my current roommates and my incredible friends.

The Fighters:
Sometimes, you think you’ve potentially made friends with someone but it just isn’t a click. It’s not something worth keeping just same old dynamic of annoyance. Saying that, I’ve spent too long focusing on friendships that eventually I realized meant nothing. I fought to get along but there wasn’t anything. Such as my first roommate, I wanted to be friends, I wanted to at least be nice. However, she taught me a huge lesson of not giving into peoples sh*t. I don’t want to be a fighter, that’s the last thing I ever want to do.
I tried and I tried and one night I ended up calling the cops because she hated me SO much and was threatening my friends and I. It was a funny experience once I looked back. But I realized that people aren’t worth fighting for if they don’t respect you back….

The Plain Old Crazy:
I need to be honest, the plain old crazy can go both ways when it comes to categorizing people – lovers or fighters.
Some of my friends are insane but again, some of the people that weren’t worth being friends with were crazy AF. Another example; In college, I met this odd yet like minded individual – it wasn’t until a few months ago I realized that they were manipulative and actually bat sh*t crazy.  I won’t get into details, but I had moved in with them and they ended up taking advantage of someone and then slowly revealed how crazy and manipulative they were.

Honestly, throughout the last few months, life has truly showed it’s true colours and it’s crazy to think that each day life can either go one of two ways; slow and peaceful or hectic and filled with stress. I mean obviously, your day can go many different ways. But it seems that if you had to describe each day you’d find more slow days than hectic. I’m okay with that, even though it seems that i’m having more hectic days due to the slow and peaceful days I was having before (I like to create chaos when life is too slow apparently)

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