The End Of Pride Month 

June went by way too fast, sure it was busy and I had a lot of fun but can we extend pride month to pride season puuulllleaaaasee!

This month was amazing. My roommates and I attended so many events his month, we went to  pride karaoke at the Gladstone, danced our butts off at crews and tango, enjoyed the work of many talented LGBT artist at nuit rose, we continued the celebration by attending the pride festival and ending the whole off with watching the pride parade. Here are some pictures and videos from pride month!
We started Pride with some Karaoke at the Gladstone – unforunately, I never saved any videos from that night but I saved a bathroom selfie.

Ayla Mode at Nuit Rose. Her latest collection was hanging at Daniel Spectrum

My roommates and I – Lobby of Daniel Spectrum

A night on Church Street ❤️

When bars are open until 4 am and the Uber needs gas

Not pride related but we also attended the MMVAs

Pride Festival was packed!

We saw the prime minister from afar…


​ And of course, this is the only video I saved from the parade. But she was killin it.

I hope you had a fantastic month. I’m extremely excited that it’s finally summer!

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