Why It’s A Terrible Idea To Find An Apartment In September In Toronto


Are you moving to Toronto in August or September? This is what you should expect when moving in the summer time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re coming here to go to school or to start a new life, finding an apartment for August or September is literally the worst.
This is my second year in a row trying to find a new place to live.

This past spring, unfortunately my landlord passed away and his family decided to sell the property that they’ve owned for the last 20 years – which is the house I currently reside in.

I didn’t plan to move in September, since I knew how hard it was to 1) Find a place without 1000 other offers 2) Renting a u-haul is literally the worst around this time.
I was going to hold off until November, but the universe has different plans for me which is more apparent than ever.

I’ve been searching for a place to live for the last 2 months and having no luck. My friend and I have placed a few offers and none of them were accepted because people are offering way more than the usual asking price. My realtor even stated that the leasing market right now is similar to the buying market of late 2016- early 2017. Apartments/Condos are coming onto the market and quickly coming off and leased above asking.

Currently, we have an offer in review for a condo downtown. We’ve been advised to re-think our offer and potentially offer $200 more than the leasing price.

My stomach is in knots right now. This condo is everything I could ask for and i’ve been keeping my eye out on this specific condo building, it truly would be a dream come true to live here.

I can picture myself, enjoying some coffee in the morning, staring at the CN tower, thinking how incredibly grateful I am for everything I’ve went through.

However, if we don’t get this place, i’m confident we’ll find something else and in more of a cozier price range.

I might not know what I want to do for myself career wise, but I know I want to be and that is here, in Toronto. I moved here knowing that everything won’t be perfect but as long as i’m living in the city that i’m crazy inlove with, I know i’ll be happy wherever I move.

I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else besides Toronto, as a child I dreamt of living here and now that I am, I count my blessings everyday.

I’m currently living further north of downtown, Vaughn is closer to where I am than downtown is to be honest and since I live 5 minutes away from work I don’t often go downtown.

So, I’m really striving to find a place downtown, so I can feel that I can actually adventure downtown more often.

I just know the harder I work, the closer I will be to really feeling the embrace of this glorious city and i’m beaming with energy thinking about the next chapter of my life.

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