Posting With Anxiety – My Experience

I’ve came across some click bait post the other day stating that using social media can trigger anxiety… I’ve had a few friends who stopped using certain/most social media because it caused them so much anxiety.

Something everyone needs to realize and understand is that when it comes to you posting or publishing something, you might find that you hold yourself to a certain expectation such as “this post will get 100+ likes” and come to realize that your post only had a certain amount of likes..
Yes, I get that disappointed. However, when it comes to being a writer or just a social media mongrel not everything you write/post will be accepted by your audience or followers. It’s all about overcoming those negative reviews to really respect the final outcome of what you post, no matter how many likes or shares you get.

When it comes to posting things to your preferred social media outlet, you need to overcome the fact it might not do as well as you intended – I think that’s where the real anxiety comes from. Holding expectations too close rather than facing the reality that everyone uses social media these days and often, your post might not show up on other news feeds because obviously your post is flooded by millions of different content.

A few months ago, I quit posting to all my social media platforms to really figure out where my anxiety was coming from. I quickly realized that I was holding myself and the material I posted not that valuable to others.
I came to the conclusion that if I were to continue writing and posting on social media i’d have to throw away all expectations.
I needed to improve and take notes when it came to mastering the anxiety of posting. I had to make sure that I’m okay with the outcome of whatever I was posting.

I’ve recently started to post things on Reddit and similar sites as such. I realized that it’s incredibly hard figure out and you seriously can’t please everyone, no matter what you post. However, negative reviews on whatever I’ve written/posted helped me come to realize that if i’m going to pursue writing and continue posting to social media, i’ll have to roll with the punches and have little to no expectation. It’s clear to me now.

It’s much easier for me to just publish something now without expecting anything. If something is meant to be, it’s meant to be… If it doesn’t do well, that’s life. We win some and lose some.
Keeping that in mind, it’s helped me out with my anxiety.

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