Nunchaku By UWELL | First Mod Made By UWELL

After weeks of debating if I wanted to go back to a one battery mod, I decided to say screw it and finally bought the Nunchaku.
I never thought I’d go back to a single battery mod. My Asmodus Minikin changed my vaping experience and I’ve successfully quit smoking because of it.
It would last all day and I could vape at higher wattages.

However, since the switch, my carrying load is a lot lighter since I’ve switched over to a single battery mod.

Currently, I carry 3 batteries, one in my mod,2 batteries in a case and an MTL tank. It’s such a small device it created a lot of real estate in my bag.

The Nunchaku is a single battery device that wages range from 5w-80w.
It is a regulated tube shape mod that provides large clouds and amazing flavour. It’s fairly light while it fits nicely in your hands.
I personally find tube-shaped mods better-looking in-general. However, because it’s a tube-shaped it tends to roll if it’s knocked down… Which I’m not used to, I’m reckless.

Now onto the good stuff.

Inside the packing

  • Coils
  • Spare glass
  • USB Cord (Only to be used while updating firmware for the device)
  • Spare parts (O-rings etc)

Personally, I find the 0.4-ohm coils last longer but the 0.25-ohm coils have better flavour (it could just be me)
Also, the device is easy to navigate whether that’s changing the wattage, switching settings, locking it and turning it off.
I constantly vape all day, so I usually go through coils quickly. With my Aspire Cleito EXO, I would go through the 0.2-ohm coils every 3-5 days. The coils are strong in this one. I changed the 0.25 coils within 6-7 days but the 0.4 coils have lastest me 2 weeks so far.

The Tank
THIS TANK IS AMAZING. I was so surprised at how much vapour is produced. The tank also provides amazing flavour. When it comes to changing coils, it’s pretty damn easy al

so I wanted to mention when it comes to changing the coil there is little to no mess.

How Does It Operate?
This device is incredibly easy to operate. Most users will probably want to use the power mode (wattage) but those who want to use this device in temperature mode or use different outputs, you can easily do so by clicking the fire button 3 times.
To lock the device all you need to do is press the fire button and the +/- button.

This is a great kit for those who enjoy great flavour, powerful and something that’s overall easy to use. With the 0.96 Inch OLED Screen it’s pretty easy to figure out as it’s not as complicated or overwhelming as other devices I’ve owned.

I’m seriously so happy that I purchased this device as I usually suffer some serious buyers remorse when I purchase spur of the moment vapes but I am pleasantly surprised.


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