Monday Motivation

Alright, it’s Monday again.

This morning, I meditated and set my intentions for the week – Mostly to get through it without any hiccups…

I was reading some Wayne Dyer affirmations and this really hit home

“One who would guide a leader of men in the uses of life will warn him against the use of arms for conquest. Weapons often turn upon the wielder. 
Where armies settle, nature offers nothing but briars and thorns. After a great battle has been fought, the land is cursed, the crops fail, the earth lies stripped of its motherhood. 

After you have attained your purpose, you must not parade your success, you must not boast of your ability, you must not feel proud; you must rather regret that you had not been able to prevent the war. 

You must never think of conquering others by force. Whatever strains with force will soon decay. It is not attuned to the way. Not being attuned to the way, its end comes all too soon.” – Wayne Dyer

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