Joytech Penguin Atopack Review – E-Cigarette Review

Over the past few months, my on the go vape has been the Joytech Penguin. I personally find this device is perfect when I’m rushing around in the mornings, heading to the subway. I especially love the penguin for those reckless nights, it provides a fantastic hit and I never feel like taking a drag from anybody’s cigarette.
I’m also never too worried about losing or breaking it as it’s a fairly cheap, yet, durable device.

Since gifting the penguin to my mother on Christmas, I’ve purchased it as soon as I realized how great of a hit it provides. I was vaping more on my mother’s penguin on Christmas than my main vape.
I ended up buying one the next day because I really loved it.

The Vaping Experience
From the first time I’ve tried the penguin, I fell in love with the hit itself. 50%VG/ 50% PG juices are the best for this device as 70% VG/30% PG causes the cartridge to leak a bit.
Personally, I enjoy the 0.6 coils – since the coil delivers an amazing mouth to lung hit.
However, the 0.25 coils work just as well. They deliver a very full direct to lung experience. Vaping any nicotine higher than 9mg will make you choked up and will get that nicotine hit.

The Device 
To be honest, I really love this device and replaced it countless of times (due to losing it).
The one downfall of this device is that it doesn’t really produce that much flavour.
The cartridge holds up to 8ml of liquid. Which is why I bring it everywhere. I never have to worry about filling up on the go because I can make 8ml’s last two days. If you’re worried about not having enough juice you can purchase cartridges that you can carry on you. They come with protective guards to put over the mouthpiece and the bottom of the cartridge.

The battery can last you a full day and provide the same hit until it runs out of battery. Charging it only takes an hour or so.

Personally, I feel that this is a great first step for new vapours, especially if you’re unsure if you want to make vaping your next step for quitting.
I find the mouth to lung experience is the most familiar when it comes to someone looking for a cigarette-like experience.








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