How I’m Finding Inspiration Again

Lately, I’ve been hard on myself, really really hard on myself – To be honest.

I wasn’t accepted into the Bizstart program with Y.E.S.
I was really lost for words as I thought getting laid off and getting a new condo was an obvious sign that things were going to go “my way”.

I was devastated! I had to find a job and I had to put aside my goals and aspirations to focus on myself and my career.

Great, I thought to myself as I rolled my eyes.

From moving complications to put aside my goals, life wasn’t going my way – Doe it ever though?

Doubt and self-worth got to me… However, I noticed I was falling into the same routine and depression I always get into before Fall starts – Seasonal depression hits hard, but never this early, especially in the Summer.

Life wasn’t going my way, and I couldn’t really believe it.

However, life goes on as it does. I knew that whatever was happening in that moment, was happening for a reason. It was phasing out the things that I don’t need in my life anymore. I have so many blessings around me each day that I was too blind to see.

The last two or so weeks, I finally took the time to re-visit my resume and I actually decided to re-do my resume – Luckily, it had a good turn out.
I started to hand out my resume and sent it to different companies last week and by the weekend I had a few interviews lined up for this week.

On Monday, I started the week with a different perspective. I had two job interviews and I was ready to try again.

By the time it was time to head to bed, I had two job offers and was invited to have a few job interviews with a few companies.

I ended up accepting a job and I’m confident that I’m on the path I need to be on because I am so blessed and content with what I have now. I have goals and aspirations and I don’t really need to depend on anyone.

For the first time in my life, I am confident and independent. As each day shows me different signs on how I’m succeeding in my own little way.

Slowly but surely, I’m slowly making time for things that matter in my life. I look back on my Summer and realize that this has been one of the greatest Summers of my life so far.

I’ve been able to cross off everything I’ve wanted to do on my short Summer Bucket list and continuously staying optimistic to what is going come.

On Tuesday, my mother took me to see Coldplay perform at the Rogers Centre… After being depressed for two weeks and being stressed out of my mind I was finally realizing that I can easily get out of that mind frame if I simply just realized what I had instead of what I didn’t.

Watching a band whom I’ve always listened to in time of struggle, under the CN tower, I realized how each day is a miracle and no matter how big the obstacle is, you can always find a way around it.

As I’m slowly finding inspiration to write again, I will tell all of you about the concert and my summer shortly.

But for now, I’m out of my depression and realizing my self-worth, I want to focus on me and not pressure myself into anything I can’t handle.

Until next time,


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