How To Be An Adult

Today, a few friends and I were discussing the classic topic of “being an adult”. I was inspired to write this post tonight since being an adult is difficult sometimes and we forget about the little things. However, I thought of a few things when it comes to being an adult… I know that being an adult is more than 10 short points however, these are a few things I respect and associate someone who is an “adult”.

1. Treat your parents right
So, for those 18+ still living with your parents, it’s okay. No shame, however, as an adult you can’t let your parents helicopter over you unless you don’t do dishes, don’t respect their rules or you don’t do chores.
If you don’t live with your parents, give them a call once in a while, visit them. Honestly, just respect their wishes or don’t tell them stuff that would disappoint them.

However, if you don’t talk to your parents, for whatever reason, this doesn’t apply to you. No judgement…

2. Understand You Can Change Your Life
Sometimes, we don’t see a roadblock yet, we keep running into them. That’s honestly okay. We have to experience crappy things to learn from them… However, it’s up to you to change your route. I was constantly hitting roadblocks and wasn’t very happy… I changed it by moving, experiencing life and accepting the unexpected. You can do whatever you want as long as you don’t give up on yourself.

3. Pay Your Bills On Time
I’m still learning this personally, but I’ve got my rent under control. Rent is really important, it shows that you’re willing to work hard enough to keep a roof over your head and that’s pretty important…

4. Work Smart, Not Hard
A former employer constantly said this, to be honest, at the time I didn’t understand what he meant.
This was a really valuable lesson I learned and I didn’t realize it until I understood what he meant – Know and enjoy what exactly what you’re doing, no matter what, you’ll exceed especially if you budget your time effectively. If you know a job is too hard for you, find something different or educate yourself to make things easier. Once you’ve understand something you won’t be working hard, you’ll be working smart.

5. Make Smart Choices
Making smart choices is as simple as using protection… You can avoid any negative circumstances as long as you think before doing something that might have negative circumstances.  When you think before whatever you do, you can make life simpler for yourself and avoid conflict or even impregnating someone. Every choice you make has a repercussion whether it’s good or bad.
6. Avoid Subtweeting
Honestly, nothing makes me more frustrated when I see a girl in her early – late 20’s subtweeting about a friend or an ex. These types of things can induce anxiety and create more conflict. Everything you put on the internet leaves a footprint and whatever you say can be taking out of context or misread by anyone. When you put yourself out there on social media, you’re really putting yourself out there to be heard even if you think nobody is listening.

7. Keep Your Comments To Yourself
Living in Toronto I’ve experienced so many encounters that have ended poorly. I’ve seen people harass each other over things that shouldn’t have been addressed. If you think your opinion is so valuable or understood but nobody is agreeing with you, just shut up. Whether it’s about someone disagreeing with something you’ve said, verbally attacking someone or stating someone is “fine as hell”, if nobody is talking about it in a professional manner or negatively effected by something you’ve said, is it really worth continuing to go on and on…
Even though we’re in a country where we have free speech, free speech doesn’t mean you can be a douche.

8. Hold No Grudges
Holding grudges over anything, no matter what the situation is, it’ll hold you back. Imagine every time something bad happens to you or someone does something to you, you get a bag of rocks – When you keep holding these grudges onto you, you start to feel heavier and heavier.
When you hold too many grudges, it’s just like carrying a heavy bag of rocks.
When I’m feeling heavy, I think about those days or people who didn’t work out the way I expected and I realize that holding all these grudges felt like holding a bag of rocks. Some grudges even felt like boulders, however, moving on is the best way to move forward and tossing those “rocks” can be much easier once you get rid of the big boulders. Life happens and it takes addressing these problems and throwing it away to make life less stressful.

9. Love More, Hate Less
This speaks for itself. Hating other people won’t make your life better, if anything it just makes your life a bit darker. You don’t have to love everyone you meet, but that’s life. Respecting others might not be your cup of tea but if you showed some compassion to others or even keep your opinion towards another individual, a little might take you further than you’d imagine.

10. Call Your Grandparents
Retirement sounds great and having generations of family is fantastic. Sometimes, it’s nice to give your grandparents a call just to say hi. You might not realize it but even a 2 minute conversation with them might make their days less dull…
[Personally, I added that one in for personal reasons… HINT]


  1. holly2701

    July 5, 2017 at 10:05 am

    Love your blogs! Bring an adult also means being responsible for your actions. Being also being an adult can have moments of bliss and moments of total frustration . Growing into a mature adult is a learning experience and as I grow older I feel more wiser and I try not to dwell on any regrets for my past. Lol. Enjoy your young adulthood it can be lots of fun!

  2. holly2701

    July 5, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    Stupid auto correct ! Suppose to read. “Being an adult. “. Not bring an adult. Lol.

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