How Creating Art Helped Control My Anxiety

A few months ago, I wanted to hop on the bullet journal band wagon. I bought Sharpe pens and a sketchbook from Moleskine from amazon, I was ready to go thanks to amazon prime.
Unfortunately, the pages weren’t heavy enough to handle the Sharpe ink and it bled through the paper. However, I found the perfect pens that are compatible with the sketchbook. Sakura Micron ink pens work perfectly with the moleskin.

However, throughout all the drama I had trying to find the right pen for the journal, I realized that I’m not the type of person who organizes their life, I live my life spontaneously and I quite enjoy it like that. I decided to hold off on the bullet journal idea and try something new.

Instead, I decided to draw whatever came to mind. This was a life changing moment, I was finally understanding what I had to do to in order to feel less anxious. It wasn’t until I realized, that drawing wasn’t helping take control of my anxiety but that it was starting to inspire me. I was starting to write more and feeling less blocked when it came to figuring out what I needed to do next. It’s allowed me to express myself and my feelings in a completely new way.

Here is a few sketches from my sketchbook

Surrender to the Heart – This was the first thing I drew in my book. At the time, I felt that I’d allowed myself to surrender to everybody’s heart beside my own. 


Aries Woman 






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