Getting In Touch With Myself With Tarot Card

Tonight, I arrived home, my place was a mess and it was extremely hot.

I opened the balcony door, turned off the heat and cleaned up my roommate’s mess (he’s a slob, especially when his girlfriend is over.)

My original plans were to come home and write a cover letter (cause a side hustle seems fun). I was already exhausted from working all day but I sat down and started to write. While debating over words, I took a deep breath.

I had to do something for me, I wasn’t too sure what it was but in the back of my mind, I thought of using my tarot cards.

To be completely honest, lately, my faith is inexistent. I read horoscopes just for entertainment – which prior to a few months ago, I took them very seriously.

I rolled my eyes and pulled out my tarot card. I used this spread.

I meditated and focused my energy for the first time in a while. I listened to my intuition.

I shuffled my deck and laid out my card.

Card 1: Present Situation
The Highest Priestess

To be honest, when I pulled this card I was legit shook. Like I said, I haven’t really believed in this stuff for a while now.

I was told a long time ago this was my card, it represents me and I really believe it does.

As I took in the card, I thought yeah, it really does. I am me and I appreciate everything around me even though I don’t express it most of the time.

It’s always in my best interest to avoid conflict. I don’t believe everything presented to me is the truth, I follow my intuition most of the time.

Card 2: Cause of Conflicts and Obstacles
The Moon

I pulled this card and laughed. This is exactly my conflict in life right now. I am completely aimless in my goals right now. I’m very confused with the present and very much falling out of touch with reality. But this card reminds me that I need to create my own structure. I am reminded to better myself and not fall for false assumptions.

Card 3: Changes Needed in Order To Face Challenges.
Rejuvenation (A.k.a Judgement)

The first words out of my mouth were “So true.”
This is why I love this deck. Instead of judgement, they use rejuvenation (it relates more to the meaning of the card) which is all about rebirth.

The woman in the tarot card is coming out of the water naked with her hands in the air.
I need to live my life differently, and after this tarot spread, I think I know where to start.


Card 4: Strengths
King Of Cups

I think this card is telling me to get a therapist

Card 5: Other Challenges
Eight of Cups

Life’s not going to get better – Therefore emotional balance is a must because that will be my best strength for the roads ahead.

Card 6: Outcome
The Lovers

I’ll be happy someday and that’s worth all the stupid emotional shit for the road ahead. I just really need to do my own thing and work on myself and no matter where i’ll be, I know i’ll be happy.

Closing statement:
I’ve been out of it lately, I haven’t had a lot of time to take myself in and check how I really felt. This was just something to take my mind off my life for a moment but I’m happy I found inspiration to write about this experience.

I always hold back with what I want to write about, but from now on, I’m just going to do me and if you don’t like it, it is what it is.


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