Why Leasing With A Realtor Will Get You Further Than Kijiji

We all can admit we’ve spent many hours looking for our next living location via kijiji, craigslist or any other lease listing site all over the internet.

People always think that when they work with a realtor, they’ll have to pay the realtor to lease the desired space. It can be annoying, however, it’s not true, you don’t pay anything to the realtor.

The past two years, i’ve been avoiding using services like kijiji & craiglist due to the amount of scams on their sites. However, last year my friend told me about a realtor she worked with and she found the perfect studio apartment for her and didn’t have to stress about the search everyone tries to avoid.

I know theres been times where I would spend a whole day looking at kijiji anxiously waiting for some sort of e-mail from the perfect landlord.
I would make a schedule for a full day of house viewings, spending hours on the TTC to each location.

The places were never incredibly nice and the paper work was never properly explained. It wouldn’t really bother me, however, it would’ve been nice to get professional advice for previous situations i’ve experienced.

I moved out from my parents house a few years ago, since then I’ve lived in 3-4 different locations. It was 2/4 were from a realtor.

A few years ago, I moved into a tiny little apartment with a girl and her dog. She found the location and we were able to sign the lease a few days later. It wasn’t until I started living with her I realized she was the devils daughter. I wanted out of the lease, however, I only had legal advice from my landlord who was quite annoyed and disturbed with this girls presence as well. She wasn’t a model tenant – unlike me.

It’s quite funny looking back, I was living with a guy last September and he was very disturbed. Luckily, we were able to get him off the lease and with the assistance from my realtor, we were able to quickly and easily transfer the lease over to another tenant.

Without the assistance from my realtor, I wouldn’t be living in the beautiful condo that I live in today.

The process might be overwhelming with the realtor at first, however, it’s worth it. They show you several available places and do all the dirty work for you [preparing the lease, assisting you with signing the lease and whatever problems might rise during the lease].

I was working with Aimee Fairweather from Bosley Brokerage here in Toronto and she is a miracle worker.
I highly recommend her or any of her colleagues. She does amazing work and always make sure her clients are happy and taken care of.

When my current roommate and I started looking for houses this time, the market was red hot. My realtor even mentioned that the leasing market right now is as hot as the buying market earlier this year. It’s remarkable how fast units were being leased – above asking price too.

We even went $50 over asking – which landed us the beautiful apartment.

Some find it crazy to think that everything happens for a reason. However, it’s totally true. If something is meant to happen it will.

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