Accepting Not Being Accepted

There is a time in ones life where one might experience crippling depression. I know i’ve been there, however, I realized it’s the people who I surround my life that impacts me the most. If my friends or family aren’t doing well, i’m not doing well.

I’ve been living in the city for a year now and I realized as an adult, it’s hard to make friends. However, with the amount of social media sites and apps that are devoted to connecting one to another, it still seems impossible. I’m used to making friends randomly through events, education and through other friends. It seems to me it’s a lot harder than what I remembered to make an lasting impression on someone.

With all of this in play, I feel that my social anxiety has reached its peaked, however, i’m pushing through it. I realized that going out and meeting people is extremely hard but connecting with someone over the internet seems more socially accepted.

The lack of close girlfriends is starting to push a button. I enjoy ladies nights out or just watching Netflix and laying around talking about nonsense.  It comes to a point of avoidance of others to realize how much other people can impact your success. Being alone might appeal to someone but in reality the more you push others away to stay alone just allows that feeling of loneliness to creep in. Personally, i’m done pushing it away.

I’ve been going on more friend dates than real dates lately, and for once in my life i’m happy about this. I don’t really enjoy dating anyway, I just like company and friends are the best company, if you ask me. Finding the right people to associate with is important to my success. I believe if you surround yourself with equally like-minded and ambitious people, it’ll just motivate you to do your best.

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