5 Things I’ve Learnt This Summer

Finding a work/life balance is hard, especially when you work 7 days a week. Trust me, I’m not complaining. I’ve put off hard work and pushing forward for such a long time. I’m pretty motivated to continue what I’ve been doing, however, writing isn’t my main priority right now.

However, once I’ve maintained my sanity and also successful time management skills, I’ll be back on track.

I’m setting new goals and setting different priorities. This summer has been filled with incredible lessons, some good lessons, some not so good. But I’m grateful for all of the fun and great things I’ve experienced. I’ve gotten through a lot of things and worked a lot on my insecurities. I’ve become quite independent to be completely honest and I’m feeling great.

What I’ve learnt this summer:

  1. Everything Is Uncertain, Expect The Unexpected 
    I lost my job about a month ago, right before I signed the lease to my fantastic condo. You never know what will be next, but you need to be open to the idea that anything can happen. You can’t plan every aspect of your life. You need to believe that being uncertain about things is quite beautiful.
  2. Don’t Live Your Life For Other People
    I don’t live my life planning to please other people nor do I expect others to do the same.  Truth is, it’s not worth changing for somebody else nor is it worth having someone change to please you.
  3. Work Hard, Play Hard 
    I’ve constantly pushed back passion projects to help, support or encourage others to do the same. However, without you pushing yourself, you can’t push others to do the same for themselves. You need to work hard on your goals and be grateful for the times you go out and “play”.
  4. Let people go who don’t serve you purpose 
    It’s one thing to have expectations for other people but when you expect things you constantly face disappointment. Something many people struggle with is letting go of toxic people, it’s hard, especially when you get so intoxicated by the people who are so potent. The best thing you can do for yourself is; be grateful for that experience and move on.
  5. Have Fun 
    No matter what, you have a choice. Do you want to sit there and be miserable or do you want to see the positive side in any situation and take full advantage of it?  Work is boring, but sometimes you need to make the most of it. Sometimes you don’t have a choice but to stay in the same place but there are times where you need to push around through it and figure out how to get by. It’s pretty easy even though it feels difficult at times


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