10 Signs You’re Dealing With A F*ck Boy

Man, oh man.

I’ve encountered many f*ck boys in my day and hell for awhile I was a f*ck girl.
Hell, we’ve all been there and you know what, it’s okay.
In those encounter you learn more about yourself and more about what you want in a partner rather than staying single and boring. Dating is fun and exciting and meeting new people to mingle with is quite easy in today’s day and age.

The ghosting and seven night stands are a real thing that you might experience and encountering a f**k person is a definite possibility. They have no emotional ties to lay down and they most certainly don’t connect with you on any level besides the lower one on your body.
However, you can’t call it quits on the dating scene because of a few bad encounters. What you can do though is figure out the signs and tell a boy “byeeeeee”.

Here is a list I made to decipher if the person you’re seeing is a f*ck boy/girl or not.

1. They don’t want a relationship:
I mean it’s not a complete sign that they’re a f*ck boy/girl because maybe they genuinely don’t want to commit to something right now. However, if you aren’t DTF or interested in a FWB scenario, you should wish them best of luck and get out ASAP.

2. They only “sweet talk” when they’re drunk AF: 
Okay, something I’ve noticed from many guys i’ve dated. They might not be interested in sweet talking you sober, but when they’re drunk they have a set of loose lips and can’t comprehend what they’re saying and in the morning they “forget” what they’ve said. I’m always down to have a FWB but when they start saying ” I really like you, I’m so glad I met you, I’ve been thinking about you all night” it can get confusing on what your “relationship” with them really means. Seriously, what they say drunk doesn’t means anything unless they’ve said it to you sober.

3. They take advantage of your little advances:
I’m a sweetheart, I’ll admit it. I take my friendships seriously, whether I want something to blossom into a flower or to be crushed like ice I just hate seeing people in crappy situations, I like to help out and support anyone. If someone is in a sticky situation, i’ll offer them a place to stay or maybe i’ll offer some assistance or advice if they need it. None the less, if they can’t even come over to have some fun after accepting your help, they’re not a good f*ck boy anyway, so whats the use to help them out any longer?

4. They don’t text you back and leave you on read:
This one is self-explanatory, if they don’t give you a decent reason why they “forgot” to text you back, stop trying.

5. They don’t de-activate dating apps:
This one is only for those long-term f*ck boys/girls who’ve been around a while. If they’re still using dating apps, they obviously don’t take things with you very seriously. I usually don’t delete dating apps until I know that i’m pretty serious about another person.

6. They leave you planning the dates:
Honestly, I hate planning dates and when you’re the one always coming up with the time and place every single time, it’s gets so annoying. They only have one thing they want to do on the date and it’s probably not going to be at the restaurant.

7. They use their phone the whole time while with you:
Seriously, if the only time he’s paying attention to you is when he’s trying to get some/getting some he’s not worth it.

8. They never wants to meet your friends or introduce you to their friends:
I mean, my friends are extremely special to me, if I invite you to meet my friends you should be honored. However, if you’ve been with them for a few months and they only want to spend time with just you, it’s safe to assume they don’t want it to get anymore serious between you two.

9. They have ridiculously high Snapchat score:
I mean, it’s pretty safe to assume he didn’t get 45,000 snap score from just snapping you. However, sending a copious amounts of nudes and constantly partying all over his Snapchat story, it’s pretty easy to assume that he’s not just snapping you.

10. They don’t listen to your wants or needs:
Maybe, you’ve told them that you’re not looking for just a hook up or that you want more reciprocation in the bedroom. If they aren’t listening to your wants or needs why do you need to do the same for them?

How to really avoid a f*ck person though – Keep your legs closed for at least 5 dates. If they don’t get any with-in the first 3 they typically just disappear. 5 dates you can really decide if you really want to sleep with this person or not.  



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